Tuesday, March 27, 2007

stand globally

as an artist of this day and as an individual, i am able to obtain many informations about my work and resources through much sources that are constantly available at my fingertips. Through internet and libraries that I am able to obtain informations through, i can do my research as well as to see what is going in the world today. Through my knowledge, it will help me to reach out to other artists that are open for collaborations. Through collaborating and involving myself with other artists, i will have more networks and connections to reach out beyond what my capabilities are. through being able to reach beyond my limits and go further towards being better, i will be able to become greater at what i love to do. I do believe that through this coming century, artists are getting more acclaims from the public about what the artists do and through so many genres and combining different types of work together, artists are able to support financially as well as being able to express their ideas to the fullest potential.

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