Thursday, March 22, 2007

Week 8

How do you or how will you make use of web-based technology or computer software available in your discipline or field?

In my intended major, interactive product design, web-based technology and computer software are very useful. The first step in creating a product design is to convey the idea on paper. After the idea of the design is thought out, you work out the kinks by entering it into the computer. With the computer you create a three dimensional design of your product using the appropriate software. With out this software you would not be able to finalize your design and without finals plans, it would be very difficult to fabricate your product. For this major, computer technology is definitely required. Although I would like to think that our society is not becoming dependent on computers and web-based technology, the fact is that we are. Especially as aspiring artists, computers and programs such as adobe are necessary to our education. Without the proper knowledge of these programs, you will struggle in most professional fields today.

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