Thursday, March 22, 2007

In what ways do you think living in California, near the movie industry to be specific, influences your art?

Forgive my tardiness on this blog for i have been unable to think of a proper answer, hence the hesitation to write this response. Living in California has had slight impact on me, but not the movie industry. Moving out here had a big impact on me considering it was a cross country move! But I'm not sure if it is California or just the fact that i am living on my own for the first time that has influenced my art. Through the Otis foundation program, self expression is important, but i feel as if we have not been turned loose yet. We are rightfully kept under tight conditions and limits with our projects until we have soaked up all the knowledge needed from foundation year. Because of this, my art has not been profoundly impacted by the influence of California and the movie industry. However, i do believe that in the future, my environment will have a much stronger affect on me and my art work.

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