Thursday, March 8, 2007

Week 7

Artists most definitely have more opportunities these days then in previous years. With technology and so many new ideas and new medias being created there are so many different ways artists can express themselves. These days it is becoming more and more about the individual, which is great for artists. There becomes more and more competition now because there are more and more artists, and it really comes down to working hard and having the talent. There are so many ways to be recognized now with the internet and blogs and etsy's to sell your creations. It is also much easier these days to connect with other artists due to the new technologies that allow us to see and communicate with people around the globe. This era is definitely for the artist.

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Cailyn said...

Technology affects my personal intended career a great deal. First of all I am majoring in Graphic Design while I’m here at Otis, in which I will be working primarily with computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Once I graduate and become an art director or layout artist for a magazine I will be working predominately with software much like I previously mentioned, to produce the actual layout of the magazine. Although I will be using physical materials to brainstorm and begin each issue, I won’t be using them anywhere near as much as they would of twenty years ago.