Monday, March 26, 2007

Catching up

Yikes, for some reason OtisStar wouldnt let me login for awhile but it seems to work now, so let's catch up!

Friedman writes of how digitization of many basic tasks has changed the way we work and communicate. How do you or how will you make use of web-based technology or computer software available in your discipline or field?

I believe I answered a lot of this question in my post below, though I'll elaborate. The work I do off campus is merely work I do to pay for a private life. My true passion has never been with web design but in 3d, I LOVE 3d with a passion. I enjoy being able to create something out of nothing, being able to control everything in a little world that I get to create. I observe a lot of human nature and try to communicate emotions into my work.
I haven't really created anything in 3d in over 2 years
If you're interested in a few of my older works, you can check them out here...
I'm going into Digital Media next year, so all the work I want to create for the next 3 years here will be digitally.

Where do you as an artist and individual fit into the global competition and opportunities of the day, and how can you collaborate with other artists or designers globally?

Well to begin, I have 2 lifes... My otis life, and my job life. When I'm not doing school-related things, I work as a professional web designer, right now doing freelance for a web design company called "Digital Effex". I've been working for them for over a year, and through publishing that kind of work online, people all over the world get a chance to see the work that I create. Before school started, I got a few job offers from companies all over the world... One called Red, which is located in the valley (they're my favorite studio). TBWA Chiat (theyre the world's largest advertising company) offered me a full-time job, and actually offered me a bonus to NOT go to college and come work for them. 3 companies on the East coast, 1 in San Diego, 1 in england and 1 in sweden. I'm used to working either on my own or with a team, and I definitely know what it's like to have deadlines. I like having the pressure of knowing people will see my work, I never give anything but my best efforts and I don't get lazy.

Is Otis what you expected? Reflecting back to the days before you attended Otis, what did you expect to experience or happen? How is that that different from your actual experience so far?

I have to begin by saying "Screw Color and Design!!". That class alone makes me hate what foundation year has to offer. Other than that retched class, I love foundation year. Ya, this year hasn't been as easy as I'd hope for, but that's what I love. I love that I'm constantly being pushed. I love having professionals teach me and critique the work I do. I didn't give the Otis curriculum much thought before I came here, I was more worried about meeting people since I didn't know anyone coming in. A part of me wishes it were a bit easier and more stress-free, but you can definitely see how much you improve when the semester is over. I love Otis, I love being able to say that I go here.

Write about your experience at the foundation forwrad? What useful information did you receive? What do you wish you would have received that you didn't get that day? If you did not attend foundation forward, what did you do that day?

I think that the videos at foundation forward were the best parts of the entire experience. I think it gave an idea of what people can expect (curriculum wise). A person can see what kind of work people do under that major, and if they like what they saw, then they'll go for it. I didn't go and talk to any of the chairs only because I've known what I want to do for a longgg time. I didn't need any more information to be delivered to me because, for the most part, I know what I'm getting myself into. See, I live with a junior and a senior who are also majoring in Digital Media. So all the questions I used to ask, were answered quite some time ago. I like living with them because I get to see how they like it and hear about teachers, get the down-low on things to look out for and how to get involved and noticed.

What role will improved writing play in your life as an artist? Why write? If you’re an artist, what good will writing an essay do for you?

Well to begin, I'd rewrite the first question, it's worded in an odd way. Anyways, I HATE writing... I used to love writing back in middle school, though once I hit high school, I started to get such demanding teachers - they pretty much killed my love for writing... Anyways, I was always told that it's "very necessary to know how to write when you're older or else nobody will take you seriously". I think that's bogus. I feel that it's not completely necessary to be a great writer as an artist. I feel that if you can communicate well enough, then writing shouldn't be hard. I think that READING is actually more necessary than practicing writing for multiple reasons (vocabulary, sentence structure, etc.). If a person has a hard time communicating, then practicing writing regularly won't necessarily help them learn to communicate more clearly. I feel that, at times, I can be a very good writer, though at other times I seem to struggle when delivering my ideas into words (that's why I'm an artist, not a journalist :-D ). Improved writing can help me communicate my ideas better, which is something I think everyone wants to improve upon.

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