Thursday, February 1, 2007

What is an artist? week 1 response

due to my late answer on how to use the otisstar, my response has also delayed. anywayz, here it is. the question asked, what is an artist...? hmmmm but who are WE to say what makes an artist. artists i do consider is a person who expresses themselves in a way that is esthetically and emotionally challenging as well as in other many ways. inside all of us, i do believe that there is an arist inside for all to see. it's just a matter of how far are u willing to go with the artistic freedom you have. to me, an artist was someone that was always admired for doing something spectacular, something mesmerizing. but as i got older, and realized so much more, i realized that art is something so simple as andy warhol's silkscreening of one basic object. WOW. art is something that can be so intricate and delicate as to something so simple. i mean, art is a genre so wide that new genres are formed, right? although i like the idea of calling myself as an artist, it is still yet awkward. i am still trying to quitely figure out what makes mySELF as an artist and i do believe that it is for that reason that made me come to otis as well.

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