Thursday, February 1, 2007

How has otis affected in your view of an art? Week 2 response

through the times that i've attended otis, although short, it definitely had an impact on as to how i see or view an artwork. while it could have been a looong endless discussion of an art, the LACMA visit really made me to recapture what an artist tries to put in an art when creating it. Something so simple could be something so different. i realized that u have to really willing to see what the artist is trying to say, no matter what that is. when you finally meet that connection with an artist and the art itself no matter how long the art has been, you see it. artwork that could be seen as an easy creation takes a looong complicated process of endless nights organizing what is to be put on that certain item, and i finally learned to really appreciate and respect artists in more ways than i have before through learning and being here at otis.

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