Saturday, February 24, 2007

Week 6 Blog: The Otis Experience...

Otis is certainly not what I expected, then again what I expected wasn't all that clear either. Before actually attending Otis, while i was touring the school, I felt it was a bit lacking and disappointing. But now actually attending Otis, I know I was wrong. I never expected to learn so much and improve as much as i have in only a semester. The work experience is intense, I have never pulled so many all-nighters in my life and I am still doing so. But I feel that Otis has provided me with strong skills that i can use in the future, not the fine artsy school i had expected art schools to be. I also thought that I would never make close friends, and i was wrong about that too. I have made many supportive friends in Otis and my Section (section J!) is amazing. I am glad that my views of Otis has changed and that i decided to stick with Otis otherwise I would've passed up an amazing/intense experience.

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