Sunday, February 4, 2007

week 3 response

Living in California has just put some things into perspective for me. Living in Texas all my life, people are always sent stereotypes of places like California or Hawaii. Of course there are few that these stereotypes don't effect, but there are those set groups who tend to follow things like that. Living near the movie industry has showed me that no, there are not movie stars everywhere you go, no life is no easier here than it was anywhere else, and no not everyone is a surfer. Although being here and having weather such as southern California's is very refreshing, at the same time... you have to be careful not to send out the wrong message of what you interpret certain public spaces as. Being here has helped me in certain ways to understand things better, but yet there are certain aspects of the movie industry that i have yet to learn about. In all actuality we do live very close to the movie industry's "home base", but ironically and personally i don't hear much about it at all. It affects my art in way's that i look at it personally, not ways that it is made to look at bye the public. If it was in fact affecting my art literally... then you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between my art and a billboard on the 405.

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