Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is Otis what you expected? Reflecting back to the days before you attended Otis, what did you expect to experience or happen? How is that that different from your actual experience so far?
Otis is pretty much exactly what I thought it was going to be like. Otis is a great art school but your social life is not to hot if you can't manage your time properly. I expected this prior to going to otis, and luckily I've managed my time well and I'm really enjoying my time here in california, experiencing alot new things and learning about the art community here in LA.

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brandon said...

Otis is basically exactly what i expected. Just gettting out of the military right before i came to school was somewhat of a culture shock but i think coming from a very structured environment made the transition to college pretty easy. I can remember the transition from high school to the military and was much harder than coming to otis. I was expecting to come to otis and have a lot of homework, have pretty laid-back teachers, and learn a lot; as far as art goes, and thus far that has pretty much been my experiece.