Monday, February 5, 2007

In what ways do you think living in California, near the movie industry to be specific, influences your art?

I believe ever since I move to Los Angeles, my perspective in my many different subjects has changed in a big way. Before moving to Los Angeles, I would always dream about how it would be like, excitement everywhere? Fun all the time? Then I move down here, it was completely different, sure, there are times that are fun, yet I realize, it was almost the total opposite on how I imagine it. Most of my art use to be influence by my imagination, dreaming about the future, but now, my imagination has kind of dimmed down, where I can imagine/grab hold of what I think my future will be like anymore, is more like a “go with the flow” feel now.


Anonymous said...

I think when you commit to your passion, you will find that excitement. There is plenty of inspiration outside once you have taken the time to look within. Look within, then look at what's around you.

Cailyn said...

To be perfectly honest I can't think of how living in California, near the movie industry to be specific, has directly influenced my art. In fact the movie industry hasn't effected my art at all. There has been no difference in the method or subject matters of my work since I have moved down here from northern California. I guess living in California in general is a part of my work, and always has been, because that is where I was born and primarily raised. I would assume that living in such a bright and sunny state would effect someone's work. Its hard not to be in a good mood when its warm and cheerful out. An artist's mood is always translated into their piece--and would definitely classify my work as positive.