Monday, February 5, 2007

In what ways do you think living in California, near the movie industry to be specific, influences your art?

Being born and raised in Southern California, it's hard for me to write how living in California influences my artwork. I've never really been influenced by the media around me, but moreover inspired. I may go out and see a cool movie and think, how did they do that? But living in ca doesn't make me feel any different about my art. I use art as a voice, a way to speak out and express my thoughts or feelings. Perhaps in the long run, the people around me (aka other socalers), maybe influence my thoughts and feelings, but isn't that life, despite where I'm raised? Perhaps having all the studios around me gives me some hope for future jobs, though I've known for quite some time that LA isn't the place I want to have my career in


Anonymous said...

I think this is very insightful. You seem to very aware of yourself and your surroundings. I say that very sincerely. I'm impressed.

brandon said...

Well just the same, I was raised here in the los angeles area so I grew up around the industry. Many of my friends and or their parents are directly tied to the movie indusrty so in a sense it has always been a part of my life. When I was in the military I was fortunate enough to live in many different parts of the united states though, giving me a seperate outlook on how living in los angeles affects my artwork. Los Angeles has so much more inspiration than other places in the US. Everywhere really in southern california i think for some reason or another, is more inspiring to an artist, just because everywhere you look there is art. If "you" are constantly surrounded by art, naturally it will drive "you" to become more creative and subliminally access hundreds of resources everyday.