Monday, January 29, 2007

What is an artist?

To me an artist means the persons profession. Most people when they see this question list out the things that make an artist, however others argue that an artist cannot be made. So, to answer the question, an artist, in my opinion, isn’t just a profession, but the way we choose to live our lives. As artist we choose a lifestyle that “defines” us as unique individuals that create the future. An artist chooses his/her own path and leads new generations into a world yet to be discovered. An artist is the unknown!
I cannot say I am an artist or an artist in training because the title of an artist is to say he/her has been acknowledged and accepted in our society. I’m nor an artist in training because I chose to design, thus becoming a designer and gradually achieving the title of an artist.An artist is in everyone, in their own way; you don’t have to be creative, determined or ambitious, you just have to be you.

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