Monday, January 22, 2007

"What is an artist?"

In my opinion, an artist is whatever you want it to be. Some artists have created famous paintings, portraits, landscapes, etc. that today have come to be considered some of the most amazing masterpieces while others simply take an everyday ordinary object, decontextualize it, and call it art. I believe that art is a broad term that describes something that someone has taken as an idea, created it and made it their own, labeled it, and called it a piece of art. Art is fascinating because everything in the world around us has a piece of art in it or is somehow related back to art. There is everything from advertisement for companies, to the clothing we wear everyday, even to the places we live, work, go to school in and more that is artistic because it is architecture, prodct design, fashion, and more and someone somewhere had to design each and every piece of it. Art to me is a way of expressing my feelings in a way that doesn't involve talking about them or spilling them out to someone, and I am able to take any sort of medium, even those that aren't ment for creating art, and make a piece that is "Me". I consider myself an artist because I am able to do these sorts of things and create work that is pleasurable for either me or any one else who wishes to look at it and it can be judged or critiqued and very opinionated and it won't ever matter becuase if I am satisfiied with my work then I don't need to do anything to it, to change the way it looks. I think that anyone can be an artist if they want to, it is all just a form of self-expression!

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