Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Week 4

I feel that as an artist improved writing can do nothing but help me. Perhaps I will never write an essay again, but the mere fact that I could if I needed to is help enough. Not to mention the fact that with improved writing comes improved speaking, thinking, and formulating your ideas. As an artist who will most likely be working in a field where I will need to be able to express my thoughts and ideas to my colleagues quickly and efficiently, there is no room for deciphering and thinking due to poor writing or speaking. I feel that no matter what your profession is writing will do nothing but expedite your work process.

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Amro k said...

Being able to write well is an extremely important factor in today’s world. Communication is a major factor that separated humans from animals. Being able to write well improves my ability to communicate my motives and ideas to others who criticize.