Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Week 2 topic

After having attended otis for nearly a full school year I honestly believe that I have improved quite a bit as an artist. I also have realized that while I do enjoy art, for the most part, I also have to be willing to bring my self to doing work I'm not used to. Hell even work that I don't enjoy doing, but thats just all part of being an artist. I believe that otis has helped me grow quite a bit as an artist, both in that it made me a little more mature, and helped me improve my artistic ability.

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Amro k said...

Before attending OTIS, I thought art was insignificant, just something pretty to look at. However, I have learned the major political and social impacts art has on society. Now, whenever I visit a place, I have no choice but to analyze any piece of art. It’s a part of me.