Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Is Otis what you expected? Reflecting back to the days before you attended Otis, what did you expect to experience or happen? How is that that different from your actual experience so far?

Otis is actually not that different from what i had expected. before i attended otis i was totally lazy and in high school, i had more absent days than present days. i didnt care much for school and all i did was chill with friends and ditch school. but now that im at otis i feel that i have to get my life together because if i dont i might get dropped out. i messed up first semester so this is my last chance to make up for it, i think. i say i will do good this time every year but i have failed to do so in the past, but this time i have no choice but to do well because if i dont i will not get into the fashion dept and if i dont get into fashion ive wasted tons of money and four years of my life. foundation year is tough and i know itll get tougher once i get into fashion, but im just going to have to deal with it because its what i love to do and i wouldnt be happy doing anything else.

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