Saturday, February 10, 2007

What role will improved writing play in your life as an artist? Why write? If you’re an artist, what good will writing an essay do for you?

I believe that writing too is its own form of art. So I believe that improved writing also strenghtens your artistic abilities as well. Having not only one but two channels of which to channel your creative energies proide a greater artistic creation in my opinion. Writing can not only strenghten your creativity but your own mind as well, providing you with organizational skills to balance out the jumbles of the artistic mind. Though many would argue that anyone can write, but not alot of people can draw. To this i say, true, people can write, but can they write with organization and still remain competent? Writing is a key, in my opinion, part of the art world. It not only is in its own respects, an art form, but it provides us with key aspects to improve upon our artwork, such as the ability to put some organization and thought into our piece in order to better express ourselves.

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