Monday, February 19, 2007

Foundation Forward

Foundation forward was a great experience and I learned more about the programs offered at Otis. Coming into Otis I always knew fashion design would be my major; foundation forward just reassured my decision. I’ve always been interested in architecture and product design. When I heard their speech and watched their video I was really impressed and I wish I could double major. The video for fashion seemed very intimidating, but there was something about it that was more intriguing, fascinating, and fun then architecture and IPD. When I went to sit with one of the fashion chairs I got to learn what they expect out of their students. Some useful information, which I learned was: LAS classes are also offered at the Otis fashion campus, for students who don’t wish to commute. This major requires dedicated workers, quality work, and any prior experience helps, by the end of senior year students do work for major designers, it’s hard for students to have a job throughout the school year, there are no internships, just paid jobs offered during the summer. Their speech was very explanatory and I got all the information I needed and a little more with the lunch on Thursday.

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