Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Art and Perception

I feel that there has been a dramatic change in my artwork when compared to the beginning of the year, though I have mixed feelings about the curriculum. Attending an art school has always been my dream, don't get me wrong, but I feel that in some ways I'm wasting my time here. There are few classes I feel are necessary for me to take, and otherwise seem like a waste of time. I've been wanting to get a degree in Digital Media since about 8th grade, when I started to really understand computers and make the connection with them through my creative side. Foundation year, however, seems a bit too general for my taste and only leaves me eagerly waiting to get a jump start in this field. Something about squiggly lines and newspaper cutouts makes me wish that this school rethink it's projects, though I'm trying to be patient and understand why they can be important. Through life drawing (which I ended up dropping), drawing the body seems to be much easier when I'm patient enough to draw a pose for 3 hours.

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